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Effective Multi-faceted Communication Skills

Effective Multi-faceted Communication Skills


Beauty Queens' International Academy (BQA)

Beauty Queens' International Academy (BQA)

For today’s life-prep and tomorrow’s coronation, BQA is the first ever pageant training school for girls ages 13 to 27 in Egypt, where our pageant prep will also make you a life-pro! We offer hands-on training in all areas of pageantry, all under one roof. We’ll elevate your makeup, hair, and communication skills, polish up your poise and posture, physical and mental fitness, re-work your wardrobe and get you strutting with confidence down any pageantry runway. We invite you to enroll in one of our training platforms or join us at our BQA Happenings, all designed to upgrade your Presence, Manners, Image, Style and Competitions Readiness to claim your Success at every stage of life, with or without a crown. Currently, BQA is located in Maadi -Cairo. But look out for the training camp locations of BQA coming to your area . OUR MISSION To elevate the status of women in society, beginning on the individual level; showing them the entirety of their potential and giving them the tools to access and utilize it through pageantry. Wear your Country’s flag with pride. Server you Community with authenticity and diligence. OUR VISION BQA is committed to translating traditional values through pop culture. We envision a society in which every girl, across cultural borders can become her best self through life and image education, with hands on training in pageantry. Guiding young women globally to loving their individuality, discovering their talents, knowing how to best present themselves, and owning every aspect of who they are, BQA will be synonymous with the history of female empowerment.

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